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Crafton Hills College: Between The World & Me Discussion Group #2

When: Tuesday, October 26, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Where: none
Description: Theme: "Fear"

Hailed by Toni Morrison as “required reading,” Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me challenges readers to reimagine the boundaries of fear, hope and racial inequality particular to the US:

“To be black in the Baltimore of my youth was to be naked before the elements of the world. . . . The nakedness is the correct and intended result of policy. . . . [A] society that protects some people through a safety net of schools, government-backed home loans, and ancestral wealth but can only protect you with the club of criminal justice as either failed at enforcing its good intentions or has succeeded at something much darker.”

Please join English Professor Jonathan Anderson for this difficult, necessary discussion.
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